Star Trac

With Star Trac®, we’re with you and your members at every step. And it goes beyond providing cardio products.

Star Trac


With Star Trac®, we’re with you and your members at every step. And it goes beyond providing cardio products. It’s about solutions designed around users to help mold lifelong habits for health and fitness. For facility operators, it’s about relationships that are just as strong and enduring as the equipment that bears our name.

Star Trac is known for:

  • Being the brand used by enthusiasts
  • Great tracking
  • Products thar are fun to use
  • Being a reputable and trustworthy company

The Star Trac lines:

  • 10 Series: The FreeRunner creates a revolutionary feel for runners and walkers. HexDeck Technology creates an unprecedented cushion and responsiveness – lightweight walkers, heavy- weight runners and everyone in between will experience initial cushion and flex at foot strike, along with an immediate response, returning support and energy for the push off.
  • 8 Series: The Star Trac 8 Series line was built to give you the quality and performance you expect from high-end machines with user focused features like dual personal fans, a hot bar with heart rate monitoring and Soft Trac® For a premium experience pair any 8 Series machine with the OpenHub console which provides entertainment, fitness tracking and asset management solutions that will offer a complete fitness experience to facility owners and their members.
  • 4 Series: The 4 Series cardio line from Star Trac is the perfect solution for the hospitality and multifamily housing markets. With premium full colour flat panel displays, quick select adjustment keys, and optional personal viewing screen, the 4 Series provides smaller facilities with the look and performance of a full commercial product.
  • S Series: Featuring all of Star Trac’s popular user-focused features like adjustable personal fans, easy-up and wrap-around seat adjusts and dual-platform pedals, the S Series gives you many of the features you’d never expect to find for the price. And then it goes beyond with components like our large LED display with oversized buttons and text, providing the easiest and most intuitive operation available.