Nautilus® invented the entire modern strength training category and have been reinventing it ever since. They are known for their pin & plate loaded strength equipment.


Nautilus® invented the entire modern strength training category and have been reinventing it ever since. They never innovate for the sake of fads, bells, or whistles but to provide a fitness experience that naturally fits human movements. They wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Trusted for strength, Nautilus is known for:

  • High quality products designed in the USA
  • A reputable, trustworthy company
  • Reliable products with high uptime
  • Equipment that is used by serious enthusiasts
  • Equipment that is used in higher end gyms

The Nautilus Lines:

  • Nautilus One™ equipment combines revolutionary weight stack technology, a 4-bar linkage and specialized CAM designs to provide users with smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion.
  • Nautilus Inspiration Strength® makes a powerful first impression. Members will appreciate the many easy to use and easy to see features like our patented Lock N Load® weight selection system, the wrap-around assisted seat adjustment, lenticular image placards, pre-stretch and range of motion controls designed to enhance each user’s experience.
  • The Impact® Strength line brings many subtle innovations to the power of your next weight training workout. It is the evolution of the proven biomechanics and user features that have made the Impact Strength line a solid, competitive product.
  • Welcoming to users of all levels, Instinct® Strength is a full line of intuitive machines with easy adjustments, offering users a quick and complete workout. Perfectly suited to be a basic strength line or circuit system, Instinct effectively complements more specialized lines. Users can complete a circuit on their own or with the assistance of an instructor in just 30 minutes.
  • With a design inspired by the graceful, natural motions of the human body, HumanSport™ offers a truly unique and human way of conditioning. HumanSport is so simple, intuitive and natural that it feels as if it were custom-built for each and every user. Seven dual-function cable-based machines provide a complete range of workouts for total body training.
  • The Nautilus Leverage® line offers a one-of-a-kind plate loaded experience. Leverage features stainless steel knurled grips assisted seat adjustments and user pre-stretch settings. Using multiple levers and cams, Leverage creates a unique lifting profile for each movement that maximizes the mechanics of the human body.


All COGG sites have relied upon NovoFit and Nautilus for their strength needs for many years. The durability, ease of use and modern aesthetic have continued to evolve with each installation and the member feedback has been great. The latest replacement of Nautilus Evo with the Nautilus Inspiration Range at Splashdown introduced the lock ‘n’ load system, entirely new styling and some great features that really deliver on the member experience. This coupled with build quality, simple adjustability, quality biomechanics and ease of use is why COGG continue to prefer the Nautilus range.

Mark McDowell

City of Greater Geelong -

I can not recommend the team from Novofit highly enough. We recently did a refit and Brendan suggested the Nautilus range and we could not be happier. Our clients are thrilled too. The installation and after sales service was also exceptional. Professional, efficient and thorough on the communication. We will not buy equipment anywhere else from now on.

Tim Heinecke

Rise Personal Training -