The Boost Treadmill is the highest quality impact reducing treadmill on the market. For training or rehabilitation, it can't be beat. Best quality, longest lasting.


BOOST ONE – The Ultimate Impact Reducing Treadmill

Boost + Woodway. The highest quality, most reliable, best performing treadmills in the world.

The air-pressure technology of the Boost Treadmill combined with Woodway 4Front is an unrivalled impact reducing solution for your performance and physical therapy needs, making the act of running accessible for everyone.


Designed to match any athlete’s peak performance, speeds, vigorous elevation, and dynamic functionality

Therapy and Rehabilitation

Prescribe patients with the ideal therapy & rehabilitation equipment and make strides toward better strength, endurance and range of motion

Cutting Edge Technology

From the gym to your home, boost and woodway treadmills provide the ultimate in user comfort and premium performance, whether it be training for your next race or improving and maintaining your fitness level

Commercial Grade Treadmills

World’s finest treadmill, the preferred choice among professional sports teams, top athletes and Hollywood stars

Why impact reducing treadmills?

Air Pressure alleviates impact, creating an environment for longer, safer and more sustained, lower body movement.

  • Improved joint mobility
  • Delay progression of osteoarthritis
  • Reduced risk of re-injury
  • Overspeed training

Boost stats/info

  • Boost air-pressure technology makes running accessible for everyone
  • 18 MPH; 15% Incline; 80% Impact Reduction
  • Hand made in the United States at our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin
  • We are available to provide personalised training for your organisation

Boost shorts

The most comfortable and affordable shorts for air-pressure treadmills on the market. Purchased separately.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Fits users 70-400 lbs. (XS to XXL)
  • 10 years of experience and development

Our Customers

Boost Treadmills can be found in the training rooms of:

  • Adelaide Crows FC
  • Carlton FC
  • Essendon FC
  • Fremantle FC
  • GWS Giants
  • Port Adelaide
  • Canberra Raiders
  • Canterbury Bulldogs
  • Victorian Institute of Sport


“When going to market to find an anti-gravity treadmill solution Carlton Football Club was looking for reliability, ease of service and a unit that would maximise our training options. The team at NovoFit certainly came through with the Boost One Treadmill built on the Woodway Platform. Woodway is renowned globally in the treadmill space and Boost have taken that platform and built a solution that delivers on every level for us; rehabilitation through to performance enhancement.”

Steve Moore

Carlton FC -