Sports Art

As the green fitness company, SportsArt harnesses the energy of human movement to make the planet more sustainable and produce premium quality fitness equipment.

Sports Art

As the green fitness company, SportsArtTM believes movement is energy and that our human energy can make the planet more sustainable — one workout at a time. This belief created by SportsArt’s founder in 1977 continues to fuel their mission to bring to market beautiful, smart, innovative products and technologies that play a role in sustaining the health of the planet and the people who reside on it.

As an ISO-14001 certified factory, SportsArt is committed to bringing innovations to the fitness industry in a way that continually strives to reduce the overall environmental impact of its business activities. The heart of the company comes to life with the ECO-POWRTM Line of energy-producing cardio equipment that captures and converts up to 74% of user’s workout energy into usable electricity. With the ability to turn traditional fitness facilities into net positive human power plants, we are creating a fitness industry that turns every workout into usable, clean and renewable energy.


Movement is energy. Every step, pedal, and stride we take is generating the potential to power a movement. At SportsArt, we move to ignite a connection between creating healthy bodies and a healthy environment. Because when we move, we change the world—one workout at a time.

Providing a way to preserve the planet through our operations as a global brand is of the utmost importance to SportsArt. With offices around the world servicing 80 countries, SportsArt believes it is our duty to use our vast reach to encourage sustainable and renewable practices from manufacturing to the equipment in use. We strive to create a network of like-minded partners focused on inspiring positive social impact and stewarding the beautiful world we have been given.



The decision we made all those years ago was the right one, and now we have successfully opened over 140 clubs with this partnership. The reliability of their products with the backup support they supply continues to be the right move for our business.

John Fuller

Plus Fitness - Founder