Impulse create beautifully designed fitness equipment based on global research & development to meet the markets needs while staying affordable.


Impulse believe that customers trust is born from the pursuit of product excellence and exploration of customer needs through continuous research & development and innovation. They design products that are forward-thinking and user demand driven. They use their worldwide network of distributors and customers to research, analyse and predict market trends and respond with new and innovative products. Impulse are committed to providing the most desired fitness products at fair and sincere prices.

Their vast range of innovative and high-quality indoor and outdoor products include cardio equipment, strength equipment, functional training, and rehabilitation training equipment. Impulse is created by Impulse, the leading supplier for the health and fitness equipment in China.

Their 14,000 m2 factory produces up to 3,500 pieces of equipment a day and over 6 million pieces in a year. They have a strong focus on research and development and have applied for more then 750 patents since 1995. They currently hold 231 patents including 22 for inventions.   

For the User

Impulse have exquisite manufacturing techniques based on their ergonomic research to expose the value of every product detail with humanism.

Improper movement curve and products made from low-quality material not only create a bad user experience, but also have high risk of injury. Impulse products are all designed based on their extensive ergonomic research and use high-quality materials to create an optimum user experience. Ergonomically designed equipment can guide the user to train with the correct posture and position to prevent injury and give a comfortable excise experience.

For your business

The durable product design reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and greatly enhanced the comprehensive value of the product.

Worry-free Maintenance

The products have been designed with convenient access points to easily service the equipment, which saves time and cost for operation.

Stable and Reliable

Core parts have been subjected to 2000 hours of rigorous real-life simulation tests to ensure the equipment can perform under commercial grade conditions and have a long service life. For this reason, every piece of Impulse product is beyond standard expectation.

Visual Aesthetics

Using international design language to meticulously build and adjust every product, each Impulse product has been designed to be visually aesthetic as well as functional. The pieces can also be customised to suite the customers aesthetic.


Can’t recommend the Impluse strength range highly enough, for that matter nor can our members. With two existing 24 hr clubs, and in the process of building two new clubs we reached out to our Novofit suppliers firstly to upgrade our old clubs and secondly to fit out our new clubs. When presented all options we chose to bring in a couple of pieces for our members to try. The fantastic response shocked us. We believe we have found a four and a half star product at a 2 star cost. Obviously fitting out 4 clubs some problems will arise here and there but that has been another surprise for us firstly the service from Novofit and then the complete response from impulse to get things sorted ASAP at no expense to us, is fantastic. This is my 22nd year owning clubs and I’m a traditionalist but I do strongly suggest that you take a look at these guys when looking for a new Fitout or update. Ps Iv now also purchased 30 new spin bikes custom colour for my spin room upgrade.

John Hollywood

Club Aquarius - Owner/CEO