"People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.
And what you do simply proves what you believe."
– Simon Sinek

What makes us unique at NovoFit is our ‘people first’ approach. We work with many different people from many different walks of life. In our experience, there is no ‘standard package’ that can be used when it comes to the businesses, industries, and the people we work with.

We use a consultative approach to get to the ‘why’ of you and your business. Once we understand why it is that you do what you do, we work with you to create a plan. We can support and advise on a range of areas including:

  • Business structure
  • Member retention strategies
  • Equipment requirements
  • Marketing
  • Vendor/Supplier sourcing
  • Finance solutions

We want to see our customers succeed and create lasting relationships. It’s in our values: Turn customers into Fans. Our consultative approach helps us to achieve this value. Our experience in the industry allows us to work with many different businesses, and in turn, connect people together. While our core business is fitness equipment, we hold many relationships with complimentary and associated business who can provide products and services to make your dreams a reality.

Our Process

Over the years we have worked with hundreds of customers. Each one has taught us something new and given us an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. We have combined these experiences and our industry knowledge to create the NovoFit framework that we like to call 4C.


What is the core of your business, your why? In this initial phase, we establish what the goals of your business are and do a deep dive into your business and member demographics.


How do you want your space to look and feel? This is where the plan comes together with our recommendations, equipment list, finance options and more. Then we can design and visualize your space using our 3D design technology.



Ready to see your hard work become a reality? Here is when your equipment is ordered, the physical space created, all boxes are ticked, and your equipment is installed. This is the realisation of your goal.


What next? Our customer care program and after sales support are there to ensure that you can keep going and achieve

your goals. We strive to create ongoing and lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Are you ready to take the next steps toward your goals?