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Power Max Fitness Golf Swing Master

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SKU: 500-XFP



• The ultimate dual-direction golf specific stretching device for a more flexible, relaxed backswing
• Gain 20, 40, 60 metres from the tee
• Adjustable resistance to strengthen all the swing related muscles for increased power
• Mechanically guided path to encourage and reinforce the correct swing plane and groove the muscle memory for straighter, more consistent ball flight
• Dynamic Rotational Resistance™ trains the muscle firing sequence for better swing tempo
• Biomechanically engineered grip path develops proper hand position throughout the swing motion
• Stand-up operation allows twisting crunches for a slimmer, more athletic build
• Perfect for teens through seniors, men and women


What customers say
Ben Witter

(PGA Teaching Professional, Ben’s Power Golf) of Myerstown, PA
Your machine has all the variables that I look for in a training device and all my students rely on the feel it gives them every time they come to me for a lesson.

Dr. R. Kulp

of Winston Salem, NC

Since starting to use my trainer six months ago,I have gained 25+ yards off the tee.

G. Stringfellow

of Hampton, AZ

I’ve gained about 15 yards and I am 72 years old. Great stuff!!

S. Cokeing

of Memphis, TN

Just wanted to let you know your customer service is great, and delivery beat my expectations. I was blown away by the quality. The assembly was a breeze and it was ready to go in a matter of minutes. Thanks again.

R. Antanitis

USGTF Certified Instructor of Benton, PA

All of my students have consistently added 20 to 30 yards to tee shots and dramatically improved consistency. Congratulations on an outstanding piece of golf fitness equipment!

M. Griebel

(Long Drive Competitor) of Bellevue, IA

I went from consistently hitting the ball in the 340-360 range to hitting it in the 360-380 range and even reached the 400 mark with a 404 registering in Toronto.

K. Soares

(Gym Outfitters) of Boise, ID

It has helped me develop more of an inside path on my downswing, which of course translates to more power and distance.

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Dimensions 170 × 100 × 25 cm

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