Torque X-RACK 4 X 16 Wall Mounted Storage System


The 4 x 16 Wall Mounted Storage System doesn’t waste space only storing your fitness accessories, it combines functional and storage in one package.  With Heavy Bag Anchors on the sides, Ball Targets up top, and multiple pull up style crosses, you can use this wall mounted rack for its storage or as another functional piece in your gym.  Every Torque X-Rack is customisable, so feel free to swap pieces in or out as they fit your facility.  Torque’s X-Team design is ready to customise any X-Rack you choose.

This Wall Mounted Storage Package includes:

  • 2 Ball Targets
  • 2 Heavy Bag Anchors
  • 1 Dip/Step/Attachment Anchor Station
  • 2 Triple Crosses
  • 1 Ninja Cross
  • 1 Triple Play weight/bar storage/battle rope anchor
  • 1 Ground Rotational Trainer
  • 10 15″ x 6′ Accessory Trays – 60′ Linear Feet of Storage!

X-Racks can be customised and scaled to meet your needs and number of users with training station and storage options.

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