Peak Pilates Classic Spine Corrector


Choose the more gradual arc of the Classic Barrel (6in) or the Premier Barrel with a deeper seat (8in) and more pronounced arc. Peak Pilates® is elevating standards for quality of craftsmanship and durability with the new eco-friendly bamboo option for the studio line. The studio line equipment is now available in Natural and Amber Bamboo.
Dimensions: 11 1/2in H x 18 1/2in W x 28in L. 6in arc
Standard with black upholstery, or order from more than 65 custom colours
Wood available in oak and bamboo.
Baltic Birch frame with chrome handles
Upholstered step/seat
Barrel Construction:
Constructed from 13-ply Baltic Birch and solid American hardwood
Both the frame and individual barrels are finished inside and out. You will not see any staples.
We utilize premium Boltaflex® vinyl upholstery for superior abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.

Peak Pilates Lifetime Warranty:
We are so certain of the durability of our equipment that we are pleased to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all studio equipment.


4908-2606-01 (Amber Bamboo)

4908-2607-01 (Natural Bamboo)

4910-2606-01 (Balti Birch)




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