Nautilus Functional Trainers Adjustable Tower With Evo Weight Stack


40 years ago, Nautilus® defined the modern strength category by matching strength machines to natural human movement. Today all Nautilus equipment is backed by those decades of experience and extensive research in human anatomy and biomechanics. The Nautilus Freedom Trainer™ offers a new level of versatility to an outstanding selectorized machine by allowing for user-defined paths of motion, enabling users to perform virtually any activity and reap the full reward of functional training exercises. Unlike other functional training systems in the industry, the dual arms adjust in two planes allowing for an infinite number of exercises and enable users to imitate different motions that range from sports-related activities to the movements that make up daily life. The dual arms are counterbalanced for easy adjustments between exercises.

Length: 25 in (64 cm)
Width: 47 in (118 cm)
Height: 92 in (233 cm)
Stack Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
Product Weight: 507 lbs (230 kg)


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