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Fit3D ProScanner captures a 360 degree model of a client’s’ body in just 35 seconds. Fit3D then extracts the most important of over 200 measurements taken including all major circumference, height, volume, and length measurements and uses this to calculate body composition.

Providing the client with their own private login (scans are also emailed immediately following the scan) they can see every 3D scan completed – from any mobile device – providing INSTANT, VISUAL, MEASUREABLE and CREDIBLE.

The Fit3D Web Platform securely stores cscan measurement and data, allowing users to track their fitness progress by comparing scans side-by-side.

Client can see their bodies evolve with the ability to compare the data of up to three scans at once, including the most commonly used benchmark measurements, their 3D 360 degree avatar and health risk assessment data.

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  • 35 second scan
  • 4 minute processing time
  • Full body 3D image
  • Hundreds of measurements
    • joints, landmarks, circumferences, volumes, surface areas, contours, etc.
  • Posture analysis
  • Body composition
  • Body shape rating
  • Weight
  • Balance

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