AUSFIT Double Up Torsion Bar Set (18 bars)


Versatile Functional Training Equipment

Robust and durable units designed for indoor and outdoor use. The unique aspects of the bar make them perfect for studios with limited space, outdoor based fitness businesses, rehabilitation facilities, and military units. The smaller sizes are great for group fitness, pilates, running and spin!


This package is great for on-the-move PT’s who train clients of a wide range of fitness levels, it includes 1 Torsion Bar of each size. Its also a great Package for home gyms that don’t have the space for a storage rack.

The DOUBLE UP package is great for small studios with limited space that run multiple personal training sessions at once and/or small classes.

NOTE* This pack does not come with a storage option.

“Double Up” includes;

  • 2x 4kg
  • 2x 6kg
  • 2x 8kg
  • 2x 10kg
  • 2x 12kg
  • 2x 14kg
  • 2x 16kg
  • 2x 18kg
  • 2x 20kg

Torsion Bars

Available in 9 sizes ranging from 4k to 20kg increasing in 2kg increments.

All bars are coated in an innovative polymer coating to protect the bar from rust, cracks, chipping and scratches.

Each bar also has colour coded anti-roll end caps to aid in :

  • quick size identification in high intensity environments;
  • provide safety and stability on moving platforms and slopes.

Additional information

Weight219.60 kg
Dimensions94.0 x 60.00 x 30.00 cm

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