Sony Advagym

Advagym is a system that manages data, information and video in a way that an operator can use it to engage, train and motivate exercisers and enhance their experience both inside and outside a facility. The backbone of the system is a mobile app connected to a cloud-based portal that can be complimented with machine sensors that augment the overall in-facility experience.

Sony Advagym
Get Metrics That Matter
Through the Advagym solution, you can access usage and engagement metrics like never before, regardless of manufacturer. Gain valuable insight and utilisation data on every connected machine in your facility, which optimises product placement and guides future purchase decisions.

Expand Personal Training
Advagym “unlocks” areas of your facility less frequented by exercisers and personal trainers. Advagym offers a digital platform to create personalised workouts to share with clients and facility members, making it easier to provide coaching, boost motivation and inspire clients.

Motivate and Inspire
Exercisers simply download the Advagym app and tap the pucks throughout your facility to “unlock” new workouts, sharpen their form through instructional videos and connect with their personal trainer. Advagym keeps your exercisers connected to the gym, while you increase retention.

Advagym App
The app helps exercisers try new workouts, sharpen their form and connect with a personal trainer straight from their phone, with no tricky set-up. The exerciser simply taps their phone on an Advagym puck connected to a strength machine or functional area to start and record an exercise. Relevant statistics, machine settings and favourite workouts are saved for quick access, as well as tracking for fitness goals.

Web Tool
The web tool allows personal trainers and staff to create programmes, offer video instruction, interact with clients and give encouragement on their training progress. The tool offers a complete overview of statistics on machine usage and system status, with easy-to-understand graphs and metrics showing information about each of the connected machines.

The Advagym solution includes durable, low-power wireless sensors that are easily installed on any machine or training area. No need to replace existing machines – the sensors can be retrofitted no matter the manufacturer. Hardware installation and set-up are done in a matter of hours, depending on the size of the gym.

Precor and Advagym
Precor has developed a unique and deeply integrated partnership with Sony Advagym. Their premium cardio range seamlessly connects with Advagym for user-friendly and complete data capture. Precor has also created their own comprehensive exercise library, allowing operators to offer a full suite of solutions to their members.

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