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Fit 3D is the preferred Self Service 3D Body Scanner used by top gyms. Create 3D models of your customers to track their fitness journey.

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Fit 3D

So much has changed since BIA technology was invented in the 80s. Depth sensing cameras & cloud technologies have evolved to allow for business owners to have better tools that help them make more money & save time.
Fit3D has become the most trusted name in body composition. While people like our fast & accurate assessments – It’s really all about the 3D Avatar. Once people see themselves in 3D it opens up a conversation about what they want to look like & who they want to be. This moment is why our clients sign 30% more prospects every month as part of their onboarding process.

If you are not embracing 3D models for your assessments, you’re limiting what your business can do.


Drive Revenue
  • Attract new clients to your club via social media.
  • Convert prospects at +30% conversion rate.
  • Generate additional revenue through scans & PT revenue.
Educate & Engage
  • 3D Avatars serve as a new visual aid for talking about body composition.
  • Prove Your Program by measuring progress & showing before & after scans.
  • Every single client is now a case study for future prospects.
Save Time
  • Autonomous operation saves on labor hours.
  • Reports delivered automatically to your email & can be monitored remotely via dashboard.
  • Easily onboard new clients with our app & email based registrations.


We have been using Fit3D in our clinics for a number of years. We use it for a range of reasons. From assisting body competition for our patients with lifestyle disease to pre and post-surgery limb measurements and postural education/interventions. It's easily the best tool on the market for accurately and easily measuring the human body.

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