The Healthstream strength range includes the Ultimate, Studio and Sterling Plus brands. The Healthstream strength range incorporate “Parabolic Press Arms” for the pushing movements in the three ranges. When working the shoulders and chest, the natural movement of the arms is toward the midpoint at full extension (like a parabola). Weight machines that do not incorporate this movement are not fully working the muscle. A straight or linear movement only works the outer portion of the muscle. Independent press arms are able to identify any strength disparity between left and right sides of the body and also ensure greater rotation of the shoulder joint increasing joint strength and flexibility.


ENCORE SERIES delivers the leading features in providing the most intuitive and pleasant fitness experience that represent in ergonomic and bio-mechanical design from industry top designers to enable every movement naturally and smoothly, and most used controls at the finger tips to make everything so simple.

Whether you are an experienced athlete or a beginning exerciser, everyone wants the ability to get a quick, easy and complete workout. And that’s exactly what Encore series is all about. With the optimized space usage, each Encore Strength piece welcomes users of all levels with quick easy adjustments for efficient workout.


The Ultimate product range is the top of the line commercial strength range that offers ergonomic advantages and is best suited to clients who require exceptional functional strength equipment. Key features include oversized, padded handgrips which make pressing exercises more comfortable, to the rotational grip technology that provides complete and independent arm movement that enables a natural, user-defined path of motion.


The Studio product range offers an affordable range of pin loaded equipment that suits clients who operate a facility that requires commercial strength equipment on a budget. Key features include small grips for pulling exercises that make heavy loads more comfortable and with its minimal footprint, it is perfect for sites where space is a premium.


Robust, effective and aesthetically appealing, this professional plate loaded line is designed to reproduce the feeling of using free weights. The application of advanced biomechanics ensures that our equipment follows the body’s physiological movement. The Sterling product range is our plate loaded range consisting of 16 strength options. The Sterling range is functional, safe and stylish.

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